Grand Canyon – Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

We’ve been in preparation mode for weeks.  Ok, months.  And I do a piss-poor job of updating until the actual event.  I’m gonna do better.  Really.

Let’s just jump right in.  T-18 days until we fly out!  Today I packed the backpack with 99.8% of the items I’ll carry.  11.2 pounds or 11.4 depending on my scale’s mood.  That is EXCELLENT!  We have to add water, but plan to carry less than a gallon at all times so we are talking less than 20 POUNDS!  The last two years I carried about 30.  This seems SO easy.  Remind of that, 21 or 24 miles later…

So, let’s start w/the backpack study.

1) Will the backpack fit in a carry-on suitcase?

Backpack IN suitcase! This ROCKS!

Why, YES IT DOES!  Woot!  This solves some of the logistical nightmare.  Primarily the fear of the airline losing the luggage w/the really important stuff (aka backpack) in it.  You know it happens.  Don’t tell me it doesn’t.

2) What to pack?  Well, I happen to have a spreadsheet (shocking, I know!) and photos.  Because, if you’re going to be anal, go ALL THE WAY!!!!

So, once I go “back-to-school” as a 9th grader, I’ll come back and show you….  Really!


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