Peru. The beginning

Departure day!  Thursday, June 30. We had unpacked from an 18 day European trip and repacked for a 12 day backpacking jaunt through the Andes!  

Not bad for 2 people for 12 days including camping gear!

We caught a ride to Tulsa and had lunch pre flight. Flew into IAH and walked over to the International Terminal, just in time to grab chips and salsa for our 7 hour flight to Lima! 

Did I mention you can carry a margarita to the gate in Houston?  Yay!!

Once on board we marveled at the leg room. Row 18 on the 767-300 for United is directly behind the crew rest area so there is tons of extra space.  No place to put a carry on, but we used an overhead and brought our backpacks down as “foot rests”. 


We both watched movies, I might have slept and ~within hours~ we were landing in Peru!  Time to meet the family!!

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