The one where I resurface

I know!  I promised to be better.  I did better.  Then I got stuck. Writer’s block?  Time block?  Who knows.  But I’ll try again.

Update: OMG.  We leave SOON.  Ok, next month but that’s NEXT MONTH (and SOON)

Supplies: Feel VERY prepared.  We have spreadsheets.  They are awesome.  I did them.  Tee hee

Physical Readiness: have 2 shots left, Hep A and Hep B on December 2.  Everything else (including a flu shot that I NEVER get and made me feel like crap for 4 days) DONE!

Training continues. It’s been A LOT of running and weights.  Not much time in boots or with pack (need to focus on that come December).

Stuff: we ordered a banner.  It is awesome.  I promise my very next post will be a photo and a way to travel to Africa WITH us (on the banner).  Stay tuned!

It’s starting to feel real (and scary) and we’re getting (more) excited (and scared) and insane with emails and texts and so on.  We have a guy joining us.  He’s from Australia and we’re going to get along fabulously based on our email exchanges.  We’re going to his hotel for our briefing the night before the hike and he’s joining us for our last supper.  I mean, for dinner…

Overall, I feel ready.  And giddy.  And scared.  In a good way.  OMG, AFRICA!!


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