The rest of February 2013

After receiving responses from our initial inquiries, we quickly warmed to Bianca and spent the month of February working out the details.  We decided on the Rongia route (more on that to come but TK asks that we don’t share the public details.  They did send us a 6 page document outlining their 2 variations) and agreed to do a 4 day, 3 night safari!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.31.15 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.31.24 AM

Side note: got our details regarding the safari accommodations this morning (9/25/13) and are SUPER excited about this!  When you hear people go on safari, you think “wow”.  And when you add in the Serengeti???   “WOWOWOWOWOW” which is exactly how we feel!!

Looking back at the email exchanges, we asked questions about:
a) gas permeable contacts (me),
b) weather and equipment,
c) timing (adding a day to rest after travel, a day room to shower in before the flights home),
d) specific pricing for each item, accommodation review at each leg,
e) insurance, and
f) climb overview for each day

On February 28 we felt comfortable enough with our answers to ask for an official quote and by March 5, 2013 were were BOOKING A TRIP TO AFRICA!!!

Rongai A

NYCAlso in the month of February we talked about training plans, I went to New York (for the “storm of the century”) and there were a couple of CRAZY races we were preparing for and ran in early March.

Fran and I had so liked our December trail race that we signed up for a Doubler in early March.  The Post Oak Run was to be held at Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa so we headed down there to do some practice running on the course.  We went twice, both times getting semi-lost (not following the course exactly but hitting a lot of it) and having a blast.

IMG_0947This was one of our training runs, we purposely ran a couple of hills over and over since the course was dubbed as having  “The Hill from Hell”.   We had signed up for the 25K (15.5 mile) full trail race on Saturday and the Quarter Marathon (6.55 mile) part trail/part road “TROAD” race on Sunday.

The weather for the races was perfection and we had a BLAST.  In fact, we had so much fun that when they opened registration for 2014 about 4 days after these races, we signed up! For the 25K and the HALF marathon.  Gives us something to look forward to after Kilimanjaro!

I won’t do a full race recap, but let’s just say they were handing out trophies like candy, plus there was free food (FULL lunch) both days and beer.  Trail Running: my new favorite thing on the planet!!  And, I’ll plan on a race recap next February, after the Kili trip  and our next Doubler

The view of Tulsa from the race course


Saturday’s course


Got mud?


The winning weekend of bling!


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