Friday. 14 weeks to go!

See, not counting the days, just the weeks left, on Fridays!

Spent last night working on calendar and figuring out what’s on it between now and then.

Penciled in bleachers for every week (except cruise) and hills every other week. Only have 2 official events, Woolaroc 8K on Oct. 12 and Tulsa 1/2 & 1/2 on Dec. 15 (so far….). We plan to run the first 1/2 (13.1 trail run) and walk/hike the second 1/2 (13.1 on Riverside) as our finale in endurance training for the trip.


So, since I updated the plan I thought I should actually DO something on it today.  Welcome back hill running…

This hill is literally down the driveway from my house and too close to not take advantage of at least every week or so.  Add in a cool front and I was able to run at 10:30 am and finish the last mile into the wind and it felt awesome!

I run up the entire hill, run down, run up the hill to the bench (probably 2/3’s up) and then walk the rest, running down again.  Working my way up to full running all 10 times!

A quick snapshot of the calendar looking ahead as well:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.47.33 PM

Have I mentioned my love of spreadsheets?  Oh, you’ll see A LOT of them in the months to come!  How do other people stay organized?!?

So I’ve done two things on my list from Wednesday.  Progress!  Seriously, every single thing I do helps me feel more ready and prepared.  Hoping for a long trail run tomorrow while the boys go shopping (Ha! That sounds so wrong.  Let’s make it CAR shopping, ok much better).  The trail run will help with endurance and preparation for the 1/2 in December.  Plus, temps in the 70’s (FINALLY), low humidity and a beautiful day?  Everyone should trail run tomorrow!!


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