98 Days (I promise not to count every single day….)

Flights, checked.  All fine (for now).  Delta has lowered the Economy Comfort seating to $69 from $99 for the MSP-AMS and AMS-DTW legs.  Hmmmmm.  Most people say the extra legroom is way worth it for attempting to sleep.

Erin meets us in the MSP and has a 2 hour window, so we’ll plan on meeting her at her gate for a giant “it’s really happening” jumping up and down frenzy.  OMG.

I went to the United Way kick-off lunch today.  Sat next to a parent of another 10th grader I know.  We talked kids a bit and he asked about my next race (December officially, still considering Woolaroc next month) and I was telling him about the trail run and explained I was doing more hiking this fall to prepare for upcoming trip.  He causally asked “so where’s the trip” and I casually replied “Kilimanjaro”.  I swear his jaw literally dropped to the table!  ~cackle~  He said “well I was expecting Estes Park or something like that”.  Ha!  I told him how I felt the trip to CO this month really helped me feel ready and now it’s a state of “keep it up” until the trip.

I also went to M’s XC meet.  I love watching those kids run! They are awesome and the team this year is incredible!!  They are all mini-Pre’s!

Weekend plans:

Continue knocking off to-do list posted yesterday (got flights check, 1 thing done.  ONE THING!).  Hoping for a trail run while the boys go car shopping.  XC meet before that.  Hair appt!  Yay!  Not much else.  First weekend in September I really have no obligations.  Hope to be ultra-productive

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