99! Ninety-Nine!!!

Somehow 100 days yesterday seemed like enough.  99 today doesn’t!  Especially because nothing got done yesterday.  I feel like something “has to” get done each day.  So today I’m focusing on a list of what to do in the short-term (1 week future):

1) Check on flights (have I mentioned Delta re-routed us from TUL-MSP-AMS-JRO to TUL-ATL MSP-AMS-JRO without a) telling us or b) providing transportation from ATL – MSP?  Got that fixed about 6 weeks ago.  Need to confirm our trip details and seats.  Both for Fran and me (booked together) and for Erin, booked from SLC-MSP, then with us.  We WANT to go through MSP since we’re meeting Erin there and if you’re going to be on planes for the next 8 hours/3 hour layover/9 hours, you want to be together!

2) E-mail Bianca at Team Kilimanjaro re: remaining amounts due and dates (somewhere about a month out, when I’ll be in the middle of the Caribbean), plus equipment we want to rent, plus hotel confirmations and all

3) Review packing list and update (it’s a spreadsheet, to be shared when reviewed and as we go forward)

4) Training plan: not worried specifically about doing anything but continuing where I am, but would like to get known events down (Woolaroc Road Race, ½ & ½ in December, kid events, etc.)

5) Put together a “to-do” list when doing the above.  Things like 1) get US dollars in newer bills and X amount, 2) call for Yellow fever shot in October, 3) decide on flu shot (I *never* get it.  NEVER), other supplies still needed (hand warmers).

6) Order a banner for display at the summit.  Figure out how to invite friends to participate with a message on the banner.  Figure out what to take to donate and/or how to include others that are interested (ideas welcomed!)

7) Write trip report for 14ers (and Rim-to-Rim squared last year).

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