100 Days

100 days until we board our flight to Tanzania.  When I first started talking about this (this year, not to be confused with the 270,238,296 other times discussed previously), I promised I’d blog about the preparation.  Ummmm.  Well, I have 100 days worth of posts right? I mean, easily!  So, let the countdown begin…  Officially.  Again.  And stop freaking out about TOMORROW = double digit countdown!!!  O.M.G.!!

Things to be covered in the next 100 days:

  • Who we selected and why (we think why, can’t really report on that until AFTER)
  • What we’re packing
  • What we’re renting 
  • How we’re training
  • And, a recap on how we got here (flights, booking, plans, etc.)

So, immediate freakout session includes: haven’t done a thing about this trip lately because have been focused on Girl’s Adventure Trip 2013 (5 14ers!  FIVE!! In 3 days of hiking) plus a girlfriend’s fun trip to Portland.  Both trips over the period of the last 12 days with a whopping 36 hours at home.  

So, now I have time to focus on Kili.  Well, that and the family, who apparently need food (“can someone COOK a meal here?”) and stuff (posters and checks for tests and did I mention FOOD?) and things like math homework checked and rides to/from and from/to!  


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