December 2 – First Trail Run. Ever!

O em gee! That was awesome! How did I not know/think of these before? I think it’s because my whole recent running life (2007 and beyond) I was focused on the half-marathon and getting that first marathon in. Once I did that, it relaxed me enough to think about what else was out there.

Add in my love of hiking, and I was prime to discover trail running. I’ve hiked Turkey Mountain before and knew it was a trail runner’s dream. But once posted an upcoming half-marathon there I got seriously interested. I ran 8 last week to make sure the legs could handle a half in 2-3 weeks and then set today as the day to attempt a run out there.


A friend and I went down and ran 8.5 miles. We talked, we giggled, we evaluated and we discussed how much easy this felt breath-wise (and we were huffing and puffing) and how occupied we felt time-wise.


I fell twice which I expect is normal. Luckily both were pretty “soft” falls and the worst part of both was hitting my funny-knee-bone. Which wasn’t funny!


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