It’s Bleacher Time!

Back when I planned out my marathon, I also started a plan for the summer.  We have a trip to Pike’s Peak in early August (*much* more on this to come, my next great adventure).  Last year we did LOTS of bleachers.   LOTS and LOTS of them.  Got us ready for Yosemite (that trip report yet to come!).  So, in planning a trip to Pikes Peak (and the Grand Canyon) I knew bleachers were in my future.

We had started last year with 4 sets (don’t worry there will be a diagram to come explaining “a set) so I thought that was a good starting point again this year.  Unfortunately I started the spreadsheet w/last week in training, not realizing that stairs were NOT an option for a few days.  Quick change of spreadsheet and today was the day!

Luckily the horrific heat of the weekend was gone and it was chilly!  We walked over to the highschool to get some miles in and I carried a small (Camelback sized) backpack with 3 water bottles, my phone and a t-shirt.


Summer home-away-from-home

It was a great night for bleachers!  4 sets felt like nothing really.  That means I’m in better shape than I was last April.  Well, one would hope that would be the case after a 26.2!

Looking forward to a lot more visits this summer.  We’ll work up to 16 sets (2x/week) by August.  And then Pike’s Peak awaits!

Keep moving!

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