Today I ran!

Purchased some new running shoes on Friday. OK Runner in Norman, great service and ideas for my toe issues. We tries some different Asics that had a stronger toe bed but they didn’t seem long enough, even at a 9! I wear an 8 regular shoe and usually an 8.5 running shoe.

He also brought out some Nike (didn’t try on, they are always too narrow) And some Brooks. OMG. They felt awesome! Ghost 5. Brand new, officially released for June.

Took them out this morning and headed to a park recommended by my friend Lisa. In fact, she “met” me there!

We actually met online via a mutual AF friend stationed in Guam. We tried to meet up last weekend at OKC but our Expo times were off and I spaced after the race and was in the tub when I got her text. So this worked out perfectly since we were in town for soccer and she lived a mile away!

My other soccer parent friends went with us and took our picture. We ran about 2.5 together (I’m calling it 2.62 to be 10% of last week) and finished up the lap together. Great little park even the wind only blows one way and you fry going the other way!

My right calf/shin (the one from the crazy picture) has been tight and sore when I start to jog so I didn’t push it and it did loosen up as we went around. So I am *thrilled* and can’t wait to go farther this week!


I have so many Internet friends that I’ve met in real life. This place isn’t filled with all axe-murderers! Lisa is signed up for the AF Marathon in Sept and considering another before that. You go girl!

Here’s to the new Brooks and Happy Runs!


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