After taking a quick shower we headed out.  Cindi and Chris had scored a great parking spot, I walked out of the room, past the elevators, into the garage and there was the Jeep!  I couldn’t get in, first I had some business to attend to!

I waited years and years to put that sticker on!  On my old car I had had 5 13.1’s and had purchased the 6th one but we had to have the bumper replaced.  I never started over on the Jeep.  Plus, once you’ve got the 26.2 it’s WAY better than the others!

We left the hotel and headed to Cracker Barrel.  I was craving PROTEIN.  Order up:


All this and a biscuit w/gravy too!

Plus two huge glasses of iced tea. That was all so satisfying!

We headed back towards home. Stopped to get gas. Cindi drove the whole way and I rode with her (Chris went back alone and picked up Lauren). We stopped on the turnpike to get gas and I got out there and then drove home from her house.




I was NO WHERE as sore as I thought I’d be and I wasn’t that tired. I was in shock. The 20(.7) had been so rough that I couldn’t believe how good I felt after the whole thing.

We had takeout appetizers later for dinner and I was in bed by 8:40 p.m. and asleep by 9:40.

And then up and heading to the basement at 10:19 (tornado sirens).  Ok, stairs are tough.  I got about 6 stairs down the basement stairs when the sirens stopped.  Back up.  Up was way easier than down.  Awake again two more times thanks to storms!  And up before the alarm by myself.

Got out of bed and was sore/tight but not as bad as I thought.  Showered and got to work by 8:15.  I worked up 2:15 or so and went home.  I laid down and was asleep in approximately 4.2 seconds!  I slept/dozed for about 30 minutes and then did kid running to practices.  I walked the track at the high school for 3 laps (VERY slowly) and went to the store and bought random things while bracing myself on the cart!  The oddest part of the entire pain was the quad muscles just “quivering” or “giving out”.  I felt like at any time I could just fall down!  I never did but that was the one and only time in my life that had happened.

Went home and took a tepid bath and was VERY tight and sore that evening.  I would definitely say that 36-48 hours was the worst pain.  I got down on the floor with Bear without thinking and seriously wasn’t sure I could get myself back upright!  Every motion besides straight walking in short steps was painful!

Got another no-sleep-night thanks to more storms but felt a tiny bit better on Tuesday.  I had a massage (relaxation only) scheduled for that afternoon.  It was HEAVEN.  I was still sore and she went right to the edge of pain but it really helped.  I came home and walked about 1.5 miles that night.  Still slow.  Hills were REALLY tough.

Wednesday things got a bit better.  I made it down the stairs at work to get ice!  I was able to walk without much pain, only inclines hurt.  I went home and walked with my friend for 4 miles (SLOW).  I was worried I was over-doing it a bit but really only had troubles on the slight hills.  I came home and took a SUPER hot bath and then suddenly all was almost all better!  Later on I headed up the stairs to bed and didn’t even pause on the stairs.  Instead of every up/down hill step causing a “pause” before moving I was heading up/down w/out thought!

Thursday I was almost back to normal.  General soreness but the ability to pretty much go anywhere and up/down w/only twinges.  Awesome!

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