Miles 13.1 – 17

Miles 13.1 – 17


Lake Hefner section

After passing 13.1, there was an overpass (HILL) and then we headed to the lake.  I was able to run the overpass and don’t remember it being that bad.  It was raining again, but lightly and it wasn’t bothering me at all.

We got to the lake and headed north.  Not for very long and you could almost immediately see the turnaround so that was nice.  There was no one “watching” the area so, in theory, you could have cut it short here.  No one did.  You don’t go out to run a marathon and think about cheating.  Sorry

At the SouthWest water stop just past 14 (they had a check-in desk there, too cute) I decided I needed to take the Advil I brought.  I had taken 3 at 5:30 and thought since I only had 12 miles left (ONLY) another 3 would hopefully be beneficial in the later miles.  For some reason in my training, I never did this.  WHY not?  Crazy.  It’s gonna hurt and if you can tolerate the meds stomach-wise, take them.

My only issue?  I had thrown them in my fuel belt and they were wet and kind of melty.  I dropped one (knew I would so I think I packed 6) and one other was mostly white so it tasted like crap.  I remember wondering when the next water stop would be to get the taste out of my mouth.

This next stretch felt long.  You could see along the lake and see the runners WAY far ahead of you and it took forever to get there.  I had not studied the course enough to realize this was a long 2 mile stretch.  It wasn’t awful, but just felt long.  And, I needed to pee.  No porta potties for miles.

This is about the time the spectators really started to mean something.  They would call out your name (on the bib) and say “Debby, you are doing great!”.  “Go Debby”, etc.  It was *AWESOME*.  Thank you to each and every person who volunteered and stood out there cheering people on.  Huge.

When we FINALLY got to mile 16 I could see the porta potties over by the water stop/relay exchange.  I knew I had to stop (or hide behind a car which I thought about seriously) and I just prayed there wouldn’t be a line.  They were handing out Gu at the water stop.  NEVER take something you haven’t tried on the course!


Coming down the largest hill on the course! Ready to run some more!

To this point I had had 2 CarbBooms (my gel of choice).  One at 5 when I knew I didn’t need it and one at 10 or 11.  My thought for running was to fuel before I needed it and I had practiced this during training.  I had had a banana from Cindi at one point too.  I took my 3rd CarbBoom at the 16 mile mark w/the water stop and then hit the PortaPotty.  RELIEF.  All of the PowerAde had filled the bladder and it was a huge relief (and worth the 40 seconds or so) to stop.  I knew I could make the rest of the way without stopping.

I got away from the Lake and headed east.  OMG, the LARGEST hill on the course.  Another overpass and it was HUGE.  Then, to my right, stood Cindi!  YAY!  We walked up it together while I tried to choke down a quarter (or a half?) of an almond butter/bread sandwich (my typical pre-race fuel so I knew I could tolerate it and I was SICK of fruit since the CarbBoom is all fruit).

Cindi handed me the Body Glide here and I tried to use it.  Hysterical.  I was SOAKING wet from the rain and it just slid up/down my legs so I didn’t try anywhere else.  You can tell in the pictures that my clothes are heavy and weighed down by the moisture.  Honestly, the wetness didn’t bother me at all (my hair!) but helped keep me cool and I wasn’t worried about chafing that much.


Laughing about the snake (probably not)

At some point along this hill we were walking and I stepped over something (there was random stuff on the street, usually at water stations but occasional trash too).  Per Cindi it was a huge SNAKE.  Everyone that knows me knows about my snake issues.  I refused to look at it.  I can’t even run a marathon, in a different city, without a snake incident!  It made me laugh tho!

Next up – it all kind of blurs together….

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