Ignore the time, you go by the chip!

I had read HUNDREDS of marathon stories. Hundreds.  Many people cry.  Some fall down and cramp up.  There are hundreds of ways to finish.  After making sure I hit the stop button on that damn watch, I started walking.  I went IMMEDIATELY to the medal girl.  By God, I was getting that medal.  I told her “I’ve waited A LONG time for this medal”.  She said “Congratulations”.  I was SO happy.

  • Happy to finish.
  • Happy I was under 5 hours.
  • Happy I didn’t feel like total dogsh*t.
  • Happy it was over.
  • Happy I could walk.
  • Happy nothing was bleeding (that I knew of).
  • Happy I was done with PowerAde.
  • Happy I didn’t have to eat a banana.
  • Happy I didn’t have a long run next weekend.
  • Happy I could go home.
  • Happy I had my medal.

Happy I didn’t have to RUN ONE.SINGLE.STEP.  Not one.

I went for water.  My God, I wanted water.  Gallons of it.  They were handing out PowerAde too.  REALLY?  NO thanks!  It was pretty deserted (the average finishing time was 4:49:something).  My time was 4:37:21 so I was under that but due to the start/delay my clock time was 4:46:something.  There were no people!

I went towards the food tent, keeping an eye out for Cindi/Chris.  Past the Carl’s Jr. burgers (ewww) and towards the other stuff.  I grabbed a quarter of a bagel (LMAO) and a quarter of a banana.  Did I mention I was SICK of CARBS?  I could see the “Finishers Shirts” tent.  They had SHIRTS!  I was GIDDY!

Side note: at some point early in the race a guy went by w/a OKC Memorial Marathon FInisher 2011 shirt on.  I thought they had shirts but when I saw his, I thought “I am SO getting a shirt!”


Facebook upload: Did I mention I’m a marathoner?

At the same timeI saw Chris and Cindi and yelled to them.  The shirt could wait.  I went over and Cindi gave me my Recoverite bottle.  I poured a bottle of water in it and drank it all in one drink.  I ❤ that stuff.  It is AWESOME for post running, gives me lots of energy back so I don’t collapse the rest of the day.

We took a couple of pictures, I updated Facebook (priorities!) and I told them I need more water and MY SHIRT!

I went and got it and left the crowded area and headed to our original back up spot.  Took another picture w/the shirt and then I was all “let’s get the hell out of here”.  LMAO


Inisher! LOL

I am NOT one for post-race parties and/or a ton of food.  I had on wet sopping clothes and I felt DISGUSTING.

We walked back to the hotel. The curbs were tough but other than that I was good.  I forgot to text my friend to meet up with her until I was already IN the hotel.  Note to self: make no post-race plans, you are worthless!

I took off shoes/socks (socks FILTHY from rain) and saw nothing was missing, toenail wise.  2nd toe on left was a mess and it may be gone, but no blood, no blisters.  Right 2nd toenail had felt “odd” during the race but it was fine!

Chris went out for ice (had to visit 3 floors, apparently a lot of runners are the same…) and I got in the tub.

I’m a HUGE ice bath believer.  Especially when it’s warm outside it a) feels good (really) and b) helps w/post run soreness, I’m convinced.

I had an entire cooler of it and tried to scoop a few handfuls in but that wasn’t working.  I picked it up and by accident dumped the whole thing in at once.  Ok, that’s one way to do it!


The tub wasn’t the greatest depth wise but I got my lower legs really well and the hamstrings too.  The quads weren’t as submerged tho.  😦

After the bath I jumped up (bahaha!) and showered quickly.  I had a TINY bit of stinging on my chest where the top of the sports bra was (chafing) but literally it was a TINY line.

I felt energetic overall (Recoverite) and not nearly as sore as I thought I’d be.

And while in the tub, probably within 45 minutes of the race finish?  I started thinking about how the “next one” I would know what I was doing, could run everything but the water stops and could beat my real goal of 4:22:00.  Seriously?  From what I’ve heard most people say “never again” for awhile.  I just thought “I’ve got to do ONE more”.  Really, just one!  Tee hee

Up next: Recovery.  Post Race Stats and Charts and Maps and Stuff.   Post Race Thoughts!

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