The Week Before

Written 2 days after.  Sorry.  It all started w/a sore throat and a soccer tournament.  Springfield, MO, 34 degrees.  8 mile last “long” run.  It was a great run w/another soccer mom friend.  The tournament distracted me from worrying too much.  However, I felt worse and worse as the weekend went on.

Sunday and Monday, went to bed at 9.  Bought all the right foods, made sure I was doing all the right things.  Monday it was FREAKING HOT and there was a snake fight on the Pathfinder.  Between that, and feeling like crap, I was sure “it was over”.  I had a meltdown (crying by the microwave) that night.

The next morning I went straight to the Urgent Care place.  I got an AWESOME Nurse Practitioner who happened to also be a runner.  Who had run marathons.  God Bless that guy.  I need to send him a letter.  A good letter.

Steroids (3 days of 2 pills), Steroid nasal spray and Codeine/Mucinex cough syrup.  I had *HOPE*.

Until I tried to sleep.  2 steroids at noon = HOURS of no sleep.  OMG.  However, I started sounding better.  Took the pills at 7 a.m. on Wednesday – slept like a ROCK.  *HOPE*

Didn’t even think about running again.  It would be what it was.  I would walk the whole damn thing if needed.  Better off OCD-ing about weather, something of which you have no control.  Thursday, slept great.  Friday, went to bed hoping for a solid 9+ hours.  Up at 7:45 (immediately calculating “tomorrow at this point I will over an hour into it”.  Who can sleep after that?


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