The Day Before – Part 2

After *finally* checking in we decided to bolt for food because it was only getting crazier, people-wise.  We hit the first Italian place we saw, Spaghetti Warehouse and signed in for a 25 minute wait.  Once seated (at almost exactly 25 minutes) we saw that more than half the restaurant was empty.  WTH?  Either they don’t have enough help or they have no clue how to run a restaurant.

Cindi made me a sign!

Had cheesy bread w/marinara, salad and spaghetti w/marinara.  Stuffed to the gills!  Went to some yogurt place PeachWave (I think) and had a tiny bit of yogurt w/a few chocolate chips for sweet.  Waddled back to hotel.

Spent 2 hours working on “stuff”.  What I was wearing.  Snack bags, cooler, water, G2, etc.  Running a marathon is exhausting in more ways than one!


"stuff" laid out (then had to be moved, because ummm, I needed to sleep there)

At some point I took 2 Advil PM and my Melatonin hoping I’d sleep some.  Was in bed by 9:15 or so and out pretty quick after that.  Until the phone rang.

I think it was 10:15 or so?  Cindi thought it was my phone, I thought it was hers.  It was hers.  LOL.

We both got out of bed, figured it out, and fell back into bed.   I fell immediately back to sleep (HUGE).  I then proceeded to sleep well.  OMG.  The night before!  I heard it thunder once (I think that’s when Kevin Durant hit a last second shot to win Game 1!) and then it hailed for about 45 seconds.  Sounded like ice hitting the window.  I never thought “oh this is awful, I’m not getting enough sleep”.  I did think “I can’t run in hail!” and passed back out.  Amazing night’s sleep, considering…

Next up:  The Day.

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