The Day Before – Part 1 (Expo Day!)


  • Friday night – pack everything.
  • Saturday morning – sleep in
  • Go to Mason’s game at 11, head out of town


  • Friday night – dinner w/friends, aimless collecting of stuff
  • Saturday morning up at 7:45 – packing like a crazy woman til 11
  • Head to Mason’s game – “low tire” light, go to wrong field, head to right field

Cute hair (for 20 seconds before hitting the outdoors). All that for one night!

After that, and some air in the tire, we were off!  I picked up Cindi, my DEAR friend who ran her first full 2 years prior (with an injury that flared up at mile 5 but she kept going and finished) and we headed to OKC.  Windy as heck and HOT.  Storms forecasted off/on that day and for race day.

We got to OKC, which in addition to 27,000 runners (Full, Half and 5K, plus Kid’s) had prom, an arts festival and the OKC THUNDER playoff game going on.  All within about a 10 block area.  The traffic.  OY!  Did I mention the entire downtown is under construction as well?


Go Thunder!


We parked in the garage (on the roof) and went to the Expo.  Got my packet (painless) and shopped a bit.  Apparently they do not make 26.2 string bags any longer (or ANY string bags).  I had had one that said 13.1 from my first full there but left it at Yosemite in a bear locker.  😦

So I got a sticker (for the Jeep) and a keychain.  Wanted a shirt but felt like that was pushing my luck (to finish) and it was a bit chaotic.  Decided I’d order one online after.

We went back to hotel and Cindi stood in line for about 40 minutes to check in.  OMG.  Talk about process inefficiency!  Side note: they called that night and we got $25 off our room!

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