Two Weeks Away

Sunday, 4/15.  On the schedule 12.  To do: 13.1.  Because the idea of 7 half-marathons from January 28 ’til the marathon sounds way more impressive.  Especially after I did the math and it was in 11 weeks.  7 half-marathons in 11 weeks.  Wow.

My original goal was to finish in 10:00 minute miles.  Once I got started and ran a .5 north and turned around into a massive head wind, I thought “I’ll take what I can get”.  Total time was: 2:12:23 or 10:06 pace.  But that doesn’t include 2 bathroom stops (TMI: wrong time of month and resulting cramp issues).  Just glad that’s over with and won’t be an issue 2 weeks from now.

Overall the weather was wonderful (wind) and about 70.  I kept thinking this is as hot as it’ll be for the last 2 hours (one can wish).  Pretty much did 8/1 run/walk.  Didn’t feel great, but didn’t feel awful.  Keep thinking “there is NO way I can maintain 10/min/mile for 26.2). 

Pushed it on the way home and had a 9:35 and 9:28 (w/walking!).  Legs sore this a.m. (Monday) but not awful. 

Nothing I do convinces me I will be ready. It’s a faith in yourself, the training, the inner will that will make it happen.  If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.  Trying that out for a week or so.

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