Saturday (2 weeks out from “the night before”)

Thunder Game?  AWESOME!  Weather?  Totally sucky.  Whole adventure getting to OKC.  In watching early weather (2 p.m.) I had a plan to head south off of the Turnpike (aka “the road with NO exits so NO escape”) if it got bad.  It got bad.  Mason, in the front seat, refreshing weather every 40 seconds.  Me, in driver’s seat, trying not to freak out but constantly mulling choices.

We chose to stay on the Turnpike and drove FAST to get as far west as we could as quickly as possible.  When the Emergency Broadcast System (?) thing comes on and you hear “On I-40 (alternate) this means take cover between Mile Maker X and Y” you know you made the right choice.  Luckily.

So we get to OKC, it’s POURING and we exit downtown to find parking.  Street flooding everywhere.  ❤ the Jeep.  Stop at a light, look to the right and we are AT THE FINISH OF THE OKC MARATHON.  OMG.  I had a moment, I really did.

So  tonight I pulled up the detailed course map ( and started plotting.  Cindi is coming with me (a WHOLE ‘nother story over my love for her and her willingness to BE THERE for me).  And we need a plan.  Much more on the plan in the next 2 weeks.  Planning *is* my thing.  I’m all over this.

12 in the morning.  Twelve.  It feels SO easy.  Now.  ~giddy~

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