April 11, T-18 days

On April 29, I will run (walk, crawl) a marathon.  Spent tonight googling “first marathon stories”.  And crying. I think I’m ready.  My (experienced marathoner) friends say I’m ready.  But HOW do you know you’re ready?  I have the strongest will of anyone I know.  But I still doubt myself in this.

So, maybe if I blog (silently) and then later publish this so someone else searching for “first marathon stories” finds it, they will know they’re ready?  They’ll know the 3 weeks of “taper” and NOT running a lot are such a time of questioning yourself.  That every single run you do won’t be enough to convince yourself, that yes, you are ready.


18 days and 26.2 miles to go.  I plan to document both.  

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