So, 18 months later I come back

Texas Half finishers

Cindi and I at the end of the Texas Half

I think about this a lot.  But it’s scary, considering a blog.  What would I write about?  WHO would read it?  Why?

Since we last chatted, I’ve gone back to work (part-time), crossed the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim w/30 pounds on my back, hiked Yosemite (FREAKING amazing) including Clouds Rest and SUMMITED Half Dome.  Plus, ran 2 half marathons and countless bleachers.

Honestly figured I should get back here and post because 2012 is going to be busy.  January = half-marathon.  I’m currently in the decision process on OKC – shall it be a half (my 7th) or a full (my 1st).  I’m OLD.  That worries me.

Summer = bleachers and more bleachers to prepare for a Pike’s Peak climb (reservations made at Barr Camp) and a Rim-to-Rim (in one day) Rim-to-Rim (2 days later) hiking trip.  Would SERIOUSLY love to run a Ragner in November, but need to work on a group.  If not that, planning another half.  I might go back and kick Fayetteville’s a$$.

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