Today’s excitement

Well other than fighting with my soon-to-be-ex-emloyer re: a requested leave of absence and NO response (long story, maybe someday…).

I did the wood floors in the kitchen/mud room. We’ve had a house cleaner, most of our married life. Yes, I have mopped and cleaned myself before. But not on anywhere near a regular basis. Sooooo, I get out our Swiffer and use the “wet” mop thing in about 2 swipes. Because, it’s been awhile. A long while.

I ended up doing the best I could and then got the kids ready for their sports activities. Once they, and the Big Dog, came running across the floor I realized that maybe I needed to buy a new mop. An 90 lb Berner sliding on his ASS across the floor with a look of “wth?” on his face is enough to send you to the mop aisle.


So I got to K-mart and there I stood. Really? No instructions or help in what to choose? I IM’d friend Theresa “looking at mops, my new life”.

Here’s the mop. After I bought it I looked at the name and felt hostile. Libman as in Liberated Man? Seemed irritating for some reason.

I read the instructions (because that’s what we OCD types do) and I set it in hot water as instructed. I then SET THE TIMER (because it said “soak in hot water for 5 minutes”). OCD much?

Initial reports are positive. I’ll keep you posted

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